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19 April 2018

Archdiosese Awards finalist 2018 Sports Achievement Award






All Saints Sixth Form unbeaten football team smash the under 18’s FA league 5 points clear led by our real star Mr Mason

The team is a true embodiment of team spirit, unity, a desire to succeed and a true belief that when aspiration meets opportunity great things happen.

In September 2017, Enterprise South Liverpool Academy and The Academy of St. Francis of Assisi merged together to form the brand new All Saints Sixth Form College.

Instead of the merge being a burden on A-level results and socialising in school the football team allowed us to gain a better relationship with the new students who came from Assisi. We had to commit a lot of our after school hours to come to an understanding of how each and every player worked which was challenging as we hadn’t ever seen or played the sport with each other before. After many weeks of training our coach Mr. Mason saw the potential of the team after pushing us to our limits day in and day out so we would play at our best.

In previous years the school football team was occasionally entered into cups that we was never successful in despite knowing each other since joining the academy in year  7 , but Mr. Mason pushed for us to have a place in the school football league that would take place every Wednesday. In our first game we started slowly trailing by one goal at the end of the first half. During our team talk all the lads were down but we all came together and realised how good we could be if we worked together as part of the team not knowing that 45 minutes later we would be leading 3-1 and that we was going to win every other game in our league which would finally crown us champions. It was a push trying to get the full squad out of school on Wednesdays but we all worked hard in lessons to ensure that everyone was ahead of schedule in their coursework or revision and if anyone was falling behind then they would gain full help of the team members to get them up to date for the next game.  Straight away, the attitude and the atmosphere in the school were much different the mood around the halls has changed and everybody gets on so well on and off the pitch. The mood around the halls is great and we all look out for each other in many different ways. We all believe that without the help of the teachers in the school to allow us to play and furthermore the commitment of Mr. Mason who isn’t even a teacher of sport has formed lifelong friendships and memories.

Harry Pollard who is a student who travels from Kensington to attend the school has had many positive impacts that have improved his mental wellbeing around the school. ‘As someone who has recently moved from Dorset and then has had to change schools so early into the move the idea of having to be with new people can be both scary and demotivating. However, the school football team helped me settle in at my new school and after Mr. Mason seen my potential to be in the team  all of the lads welcomed me with open arms not only into the football team but into their community, which is something I can’t thank them enough for.’

Daniel Wilson is also a student who has attended the school since 2011. ‘ I have to be honest after being so used to my surroundings for the best part of 4 years in school the thought of new students coming to our school was terrifying as I didn’t want anything to change or have a negative impact towards my grades. However, the school football team was the first stepping stone for me as we got to know many of the new lads from Assisi. A couple of them were in my sports class where I learnt to have a laugh with them and understand them more. To be honest without the support of our manager Mr. Mason none of us would of had the chance to talk to each other and have a laugh which finally led to us gaining great friendships, an on top of that to be the first team in the history of both schools and more importantly our new school by winning the league with an incredible unbeaten streak is a huge achievement


The team have travelled to the Wirral successfully beating the Tranmere Rovers FC College team. Their last win on of the season was a whopping 7-0

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