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22 May 2018

Law Trip from my Perspective - Vincent Valerio

Law trip

Guided to this law trip by a sense of curiosity and the belief that it would influence my grades in a positive way, I decided to give the old college a try. I went to this trip with the intention of watching a mock trial between university law students, little did I know I was the one who mocked the trial with my graceful, but mostly heinous portrayal of a witness; Rachel Cooper, head of HR at superfoods. I accepted the ambitious offer, thinking ‘finally my drama GCSE will be beneficial in life’ and ‘You are Rachel Cooper, head of HR and confidant to all at Superfoods. You see things only a God would have the potential to fathom, you don’t lie. You can’t lie; you are the one who fabricates the truth. Rachel Cooper’

Overall the experience was full of a new innovative way of learning something I view as a potential career path for myself. These new methods of teaching to prevent any bias in the classroom, as people learn in numerous ways, and this spontaneous method of learning where you are capable of teaching others with nuanced, youthful techniques.

Vincent Valerio