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25 June 2018

Work Experience



Work experience

My work experience began on the 18th June 2018 and finished on the 22nd. It took place in a solicitors firm called Husband Forwood Morgan Solicitors. My work experience mentor was Jeremy Myers and he has been a solicitor for 27 years. During my week, I read many client case files which helped me understand how solicitors actually work and the standards that are required of them. It was really interesting to see the level of communication that solicitors conduct between their clients and the courts. There were many different types of files involving several different legal matters and outcomes. I experienced the world of work and enjoyed being part of an office. I watched how people carry out their day to day work in a professional capacity.

For the second part of my week I was taken to the Civil Court in Derby Square to experience an overview how the court system operates. On Friday, which was my last day of work experience I went to the Criminal Court to observe some very interesting trials and hearings. Observing cases in court gave me a real insight into the profession that I would like to embark upon. It was also very interesting to see how the theory that I have learnt within my Law lessons was delivered in practice.