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Our most able students will be able to complete the Extended Project Qualification. This is equivalent to an AS qualification and is looked upon favourably by all university admissions teams. It carries UCAS points.

Year 12 and 13

Ongoing throughout the academic year, subject to review in consultation with members of All Saints Sixth Form College Board.

  • Student Cookery
  • Keep Fit
  • Sport - Football/Gym
  • Sixth Form Football Team
  • Driving Test Theory
  • Languages for Business - Spanish/Mandarin MOOCs
  • Teaching Assistant Qualification/Pre Teaching Award
  • Opportunities for volunteering
  • Enterprise
  • First Aid
  • Sign Language
  • Debating
  • Dealing with stress/anxiety/mental health and well-being

Work Experience

In addition to the week, to be completed by all year 12 students, there will be an opportunity for some students to attend a work placement one day per week as a requirement of their study programme.


Sixth Form Football Team are unbeaten


Before the college even opened, the students wanted a football team. Within the first week of enrolment, Mr Mason had ensured this happened and very quickly a football team was established. In the first training session you could see the determination and passion from the students to perform well together.

After four games, the team are unbeaten. They have played and won four games which has led them to taking the top spot in division 4.

The students play as a team and support one another throughout the 90 minutes. There is a bond on the pitch which has led to opposition sides having a tough time creating opportunities.

The team give up their time throughout the week to train together. Mr Mason is extremely proud of their performance ‘I couldn’t ask any more form the team. They are a credit to the college’


University of Liverpool – Scholars Programme

Students here in sixth form were given to opportunity to apply for the prestigious University of Liverpool Scholars Programme. Those students who met certain academic and personal criteria attended a presentation from the university and completed an online application which includes a personal statement outlining why they want to be a part of the programme.

Once accepted onto the programme there are many benefits for the students. The university organises programme of events throughout year 12 in which students attend events which provide an insight in to studying at university including both academic expectations as well as the social aspect. Students learn about the academia through a series of bespoke workshops, lectures and seminars. These prepare the students for completion of an academic assignment. This is a 2000 word essay based on a topic the student is interested in studying at university. Full support is provided by an academic tutor.

Upon successful completion of the assignment students are then guaranteed a conditional offer of a place to study at the university. This offer is reduced by up to 2 A level grades. Once students begin studying at the university a bursary of up to £2000 is payable for each year of their study.

As you can appreciate this is a really positive achievement for our students and will help to prepare them for their future studies.

Successful students this year are

Declan Bradshaw

Erin Cole

Amber Parr

Jessica Povey Robinson

Robert Yeoman

Jordan Van Eker

Owen Wilson

Joshua Germano