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What Our Students Say

I came to All Saints Sixth Form College at the start of my year 13 studies. I was excited to come across from my previous school. We had already met most of the teachers and students we would be joining at our transition days which we had in July. The first transition day was an adventure day at a place called ‘Rock and River’ where we spent the morning involved in practical team building exercises such as building rafts and sailing them across a lake. This really broke the ice and we spent the day laughing and having fun. We were all soaked when we got back on the bus! The second transition day was based at All Saints Sixth Form College. We spent the day exploring the facilities and meeting our teachers and our peers. We did group team building work with a company called Humanutopia and it helped us to bond as a unit. These activities meant that when I arrived on the first school day, I was excited to get started on my year 13 studies.

I honestly believe that All Saints Sixth form College really pushed me to the limits of my ability. Pushing my knowledge to greater boundaries and new heights. Last year I achieved merits and passes in my subjects but with the clear guidance and support of the teachers here, I have been able to achieve Distinction * grades. I can truly say that the teachers teach well and the students are able to really learn. Before I came here I didn’t work as hard as I should to reach my targets but now in All Saints Sixth Form College I have been able to gain the courage and the confidence to work towards my targets and even exceed them. I am happy that our teachers really care about us and our progress and they really do their best for you to succeed and I want to say thank you to all of my teachers in Sixth Form for the faith they have shown in me and the support they have given me over the last year. Next year I am planning to go into an Engineering Apprenticeship and I am really excited because with my grades now (Business – Distinction*, Science -Double Distinction * and Music - Distinction), and my growing confidence, I have a really good chance of succeeding. I have also been given lots of help by our Careers Manager, Ms Swarbrick, who has helped me to write an effective CV and has given me lots of advice on interview skills and has helped me to find a number of Apprenticeship opportunities which I am currently following up.

Norma Kuambana - Year 13 Student, All Saints Sixth Form College


I was really scared of coming to All Saints because it was a new change of environment. But l am really thankful that l decided to come here because the staff made it feel like home because they are so supportive, full of love and courageous. It was such a wonderful experience in Sixth Form. The head of Sixth Form made the new kids from Academy of St Francis of Assisi like they were part of the family. The staff encouraged me to do the best in all my coursework. They helped work on my values such as respect, care and compassion and apply them to the community. They helped all students that were behind on coursework catch up. They also helped them achieve the best grade, for example they turned all my last year’s work that was pass to a distinction. I am thankful of All Saints because they helped shaped me for my future.

Tinotenda Nyamande, Year 13 Student, All Saints Sixth Form College


I came to All Saints Sixth form College at the start of Year 13. I didn’t know what to expect at all. I really did enjoy my time here at All Saints. The teachers are really friendly and every single teacher open heartedly helped us a lot. I feel that if it hadn’t been for the teachers I had I wouldn’t be getting the grades that I have got now. I have got a Distinction * in Business Level 3 BTEC and in the Double Science Level 3 BTEC level 3, I am getting a Distinction/Distinction *. It has taken a lot of hard work. I believe that all of my teachers played an important role in my life and in shaping me to be the person I am now. I also believe that the teachers are like second parents to the students here as they are so supportive. They are the reason that we will be able to get good jobs now. They have helped me to achieve the grades I need so that I can go to Liverpool John Moores University to study Forensic Science so I am just super thankful to every single one of them, (especially my Science teachers and my Business teachers Miss Judson and Mrs Holmes.) They have done for me more than I could ever ask for and I will never be able to repay this debt to them.

Baris Aksaman Year 13 Student All Saints Sixth form College


I was a bit scared at first because I was moving to a new school with new students with new teachers but I can honestly say that I have really loved my time here at All Saints Sixth Form College this year. Since I have been here, in the last 9 months, I have improved myself so much and turned myself around. I have now gained a Double Distinction * in my Information Technology Level 3 BTEC. It’s taken a lot of hard work but the friendly and supportive way that staff keep pushing you to go further and get the best grade you can, has meant that my results have really improved. I have also improved my English GCSE grade from a grade G to a grade E and because I am a Student who has English as an additional language, this is a massive improvement for me. I have found the staff to be very supportive and helpful. The teaching of Information Technology is really good in All Saints Sixth Form. The staff are really good at explaining new topics. I would not have done so well if I had not been pushed my the teachers. The pastoral support I received has also been really good and I have found the staff to be so helpful and welcoming. I am now heading off to Liverpool John Moores University to study Computer Networks and I am really looking forward to starting the next part of my life.

Chris Pavlou Year 13 Student – All Saints Sixth Form College.